• Chef Tim & Nancy Cushman

    James Beard Award-winning Chef Tim and Nancy Cushman share an addition to their restaurant group, which includes o ya, Hojoko, and Roof at Park South. Mediterranean coastal regions inspire Covina’s menu ingredients, while the style of cooking on open wood fire stems from Chef Tim’s culinary upbringing in Southern California.


    Ted is the Director of Beverage and Service for Cushman Concepts, including Covina, o ya NYC and Roof at Park South. Ted Kilpatrick brings over 10 years of fine dining restaurant and beverage management to the Cushman Concepts team.

  • Deanie Hickox

    Deanie Hickox is a highly acclaimed pastry chef with 15 years of experience in some of the most respected kitchens in the San Francisco Bay Area. She draws inspiration for her desserts from many sources, including Beastie Boys lyrics and world travel.